In many cases, federal and state law can be used to pursue criminal charges. Federal crimes typically carry more severe punishments than their equivalent Florida state crimes. A person can face federal charges if they are accused of violating a federal law, act, or treaty, or if the alleged crime occurred in another country.

Since federal offenses are typically more serious than other criminal acts, it is crucial to have experienced legal representation who can help ease your mind and ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Mr. Goldstein has 25 years of experience defending individuals charged with federal crimes. Contact us today for a free consultation with a federal criminal defense lawyer near you.

Palm Beach Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

It is critical to retain a Federal criminal defense attorney in Palm Beach with experience defending clients facing federal charges. When defending you, federal criminal law can be complex, but attorney Ian Goldstein has extensive experience and knowledge in this area that he can draw upon to craft the strongest possible defense.

Get in touch with the Law Offices of Ian Goldstein at (561) 600-0950 or via our contact form to arrange a free and confidential consultation to discuss the specifics of your alleged federal offense. The firm is pleased to serve clients throughout the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida, as well as in District Courts around the country.

Federal Criminal Charges

Ian Goldstein represents clients in a variety of federal criminal matters, including drug offenses. Federal authorities are responding to drug crimes and offenders that are considered to be the most serious. Mr. Goldstein handles many cases involving drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, and controlled substance possession with intent to distribute.

The federal government frequently prosecutes those accused of gun crimes in Florida. This includes everything from minor infractions like illegal possession of weapons to more serious ones like illegally importing or exporting weapons or illegally trafficking firearms. There is a high likelihood that you will be imprisoned for a long time if convicted of any of these crimes.  Drug crimes which involve the use of firearms are particularly prevalent in federal court.  The possession of a firearm in connection with a drug offense or a crime of violence will often be prosecuted in federal court due to the increased penalties for these offenses.

The office also places a strong emphasis on representing clients accused of White Collar Crime such as Fraud. Mail fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud are three examples of these types of crimes, which are typically non-violent. Money laundering and embezzlement cases are also handled by the firm on a regular basis. People facing racketeering (RICO) charges are also represented by the firm.

Our lawyers are well-versed in the new federal laws that are being enacted to combat the rising tide of cybercrime across the United States. Clients  include Floridians who have been accused of crimes including hacking, extortion, credit card fraud and identity theft. We also represent clients who have been wrongly accused of engaging in child pornography on the internet, a highly contentious issue open to varying degrees of interpretation that can necessitate the assistance of a lawyer who will defend you vigorously in court.

The federal criminal defense team's final area of concentration is violent crimes. We are willing and equipped to take on clients accused of the most serious federal offenses, including kidnapping, rape, and murder. If you have been accused of one of these serious crimes, now is the time to contact a law firm that can provide you with objective and effective legal representation, no matter what the charges may be.

Palm Beach Federal Criminal Defense

Contact the federal criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Ian Goldstein if you're in South Florida, Palm Beach County, Broward County, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or the surrounding areas and have been charged with a federal crime. Your best bet for avoiding serious consequences is to find an aggressive attorney and explore all of your options for having charges defended, reduced or dropped altogether.

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Penalties for Federal Criminal Convictions

Title 18 of the United States Code defines the majority of federal crimes, and the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are used to impose consistent sentences for federal crimes. Federal crimes carry potentially harsher repercussions than state crimes, including longer prison terms and heftier fines.

For instance, the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 807 et seq.) establishes penalties for drug possession and trafficking that can range from a fine to life in prison. Depending on the nature of the charge, you could face a fine of anywhere from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000.

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